Comfort Garden

About Us

Brand Comfort Garden is owned by Dąb-Wel Sp.j. company.

We specialize in the manufacture of garden furniture and all kinds of wooden garden accessories such as flower pots, supports the flowers, fences, garden houses, sheds and many others.

Our products are characterized by clean lines, exceptional simplicity and functionality. Above all we try to plan production without damaging the environment:

  • measures that we use to impregnate wood do not contain heavy metals, and some of them have a high content of vegetable oil,
  • our products are certified by Forest Stewardship Council which means that the wood for their production comes from the forest in which Responsible Forest Management standards are met.

In the treatment process, particular attention is paid to the creation of such technical and technological conditions that ensure the highest quality of our products. To meet the expectations of clients and ensure our continued growth each year we introduce new technologies and design. On March 2003 ISO 9001:2000 quality management system was introduced to the company.

Our advantage is high quality wood from which we produce furniture -100% of it comes from Mazury forests.

Most projects are created for individual orders of our customers. We provide the wholesale supply throughout the Poland.


Look for FSC® certified products.