Comfort Garden

About Us

DĄB-WEL company is a family company. The owners are: Mrs. Justyna Grau-Brzóska & Mr. Krzysztof Kiszkiel.

The sawmill in Lidzbark Welski has been working since 1995.

DĄB-WEL was registered as a company in 1995.

We specialize in manufacturing of lumber, garden furniture, dry timber and wooden stuff for houses’ interiors finishing.

The company is located on the couple hectares parcel. On the same area are located

  • Office
  • Sawmill
  • Wholesale of our products
  • Garden fittings factory
  • Store for timber
  • Drying-shed for timber
  • Modern ecological boiler-room

The people employed in our company are high qualified and have great professional experience. Our managers are great specialists in their branches. DĄB-WEL company hire around 40 employees.

The company is equipped with professional machines and tools. We provide also our own transport to deliver products to our clients from Poland and from whole the Europe.


The strategy of our company is to receive satisfied income considering the invested capital. We achieve this target through:

  • becoming regional leader in wooden branch – sawmills.
  • manufacturing and sell of modern, high quality products
  • offering of various products
  • being innovative and introducing of new technical solutions to make stronger our position in the market.
  • taking care about the client through offering highest quality products. At the same time we try to eliminate the wastes and not to increase the costs.